Saving & Recycling Resources

Our commitment to recovering, recycling and re-using has permeated the entire company. Sustainability is an enormous challenge that we’ve taken on, and in that arena we lead the industry.

Our recycling technology is continually being improved and we are on target to achieve a 95% recovery rate of our vehicles by 2015. To reduce waste to a minimum, we recycle everything—in our offices, our factories, and our sales facilities – reducing CO2 levels beyond our achievements on the road.

Saving & Recycling across
the entire life cycle of the vehicle

At Lexus, we consider the recycling factor throughout the entire life cycle of a car – from production through to the end-of-life stage.

Examples of the measures we take into account:

Repeatedly use reusable items

Reduce waste generation

Recycle waste

To make more effective use of limited resources, we feed these results back into the vehicle development and design stages to create ever-more recycling-optimized vehicles.

Promotion of effective 
resource use


Reduction in discarded materials 
from factories

We promote resource loss reduction activities to cut waste from factories. In particular, we are tackling yield improvements and waste reduction to steadily cut down the amount of waste output.

Resource Flow

This flow graphic illustrates how we re-use some resources while minimizing the waste of the non-recyclable resources during the construction of our products.