The basic warranty (The Manufacturer Warranty):
As shown in the warranty booklet that comes with each new car the manufacturer warranty period is 4 years or 100,000 km in which come first. According to that, Abdul Latif Jameel offers this warranty as an authorized distributor for Lexus in Saudi Arabia.
Extra warranty "Extended’’ for 2014 Models:

It’s an extra warranty that Abdul Latif Jameel offers it inside Saudi Arabia that imported by the company, and Abdul Latif Jameel commit to apply it immediately after the basic warranty is being finished (till reach six years or 1,000,000 KM in which come first, as per to the following

- Extra warranty "Extended’’ coverage included what being done in the Basic Warranty and its exceptions mentioned there, except for the non-mechanical and non-electronical malfunctions (1), which are not covered on this Extra warranty ‘’Extended’’.

- The internal process and procedures in fixing the malfunctions within the extended warranty period will be the same as the process of the basic warranty (Manufacturer Warranty) in case the extra warranty conditions were met by the guest.

What are the responsibilities for Lexus owners to get benefits of Extra Warranty Service?

- Preserving the maintenance services as per the service schedule shown in the user manual.

- Keep all maintenance receipts if any maintenance has been done out of Abdul Latif Jameel service centers to be given to the company once required.

Missing the services for more than two consecutive or more than 40% of the total periodic maintenance services as recommended by the manufacturers, the company solely has the right to reject the claim.
Important Note:

This information is only for general instructions and it should not be considered as alternative details of what being covered inside the warranty booklet. Therefore, kindly have a look to the warranty booklet for more explanations and clarifications, if you have more queries please don’t hesitate to contact us (2).

(1) for example (seat upholstery, rubber parts or aesthetic parts, exterior paint, tires, glasses, non-mechanical seals parts, etc.)

(2)The warranty Booklet is provided in each new car drawer. In case you want to have another copy for any reason please asks one of our centers.